Allegro – New Horizons


Project: Allegro – New Horizons renovation.

Design and construction.

Location: Building M2, Concert Hall, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Photography: George Pavlidis / John Simitopoulos.


The project is located at the fifth level of Thessaloniki’s Concert Hall (building M2)  designed by Arata Isozaki and Schema 4 architects.


The proposal’s main architectural aim is the creation of a pleasant and elegant environment capable of receiving the every day user in a multi-purpose recreation area with various activities and daily functions (restaurant, refreshment, relaxation lounge). 


The building’s geometrical simplicity, materiality and unobstructed views of the sea were key points of the design concept.


The basic principles of the design are the linear alignments and strict simplicity that act consistently with the modern character and architectural vocabulary of the building. All of the above constitute the elements that take full advantage of the unobstructed views and natural light provided by the geometry and materiality of the building itself.


The furniture and other configurations (walls and other coatings) are harmonious with the current situation and together create a unified whole with a common vocabulary and mood with the existing shell.


The existing exposed concrete on the side walls embraced by vynil surfaces with wood finish in natural color on the rear wall and the ceiling, metal screen enrich the space dividing it wherever necessary and glazing facades emphasize the view – materials and elements that compose a harmonious environment that welcomes visitors and offers unlimited sightings of Thessaloniki and Thermaikos gulf from the Harbor to Kalamaria area. The furnishings also develops in an amphitheatric way in order to achieve the best view from every point of the space. White, light to the eye bars and benches are placed at the back of the room while lower tables, seats and lounges occupy the space as you near  the openings.Long luminaires mounted on the ceiling remind the traces of planes in the sky and ships at sea.


In conclusion, special attention has been given to the flexibility of the space so that it may be modified according to the nature of hosted events – special occasions such as weddings and corporate gatherings –  or its daily basis operation basis as a cocktail bar, cafeteria and restaurant.