Public Water-Transport Stations Thessaloniki


Project: Public Water-Transport Stations.

Design for architectural competition.

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece.



The competition brief asked for the design of four stops in the city of Thessaloniki in Greece, so as to be used by waterbuses and improve the circulation in the city. The challenge for each stop was evaluated as equal. Thus all four stops share the same design and aim, maximum functionality and user convenience in combination with aesthetics.

Given the position of all four stops – all of them placed at the edge of the city front – our concept is to highlight and extend water element (as the dominant element of the city) towards the border of the rural. Consequently, we raised a water curtain around the perimeter of the stop as an extension of the sea in order to make it part of the natural environment.

A main route of 3,50m. width spreads along the platform and comes across the ticket area, waiting area and all auxiliary uses. At the same time, two lateral routes generate two separate zones for arriving passengers to move to the city promptly.

Photovoltaic panels (thin film) placed along the roof provide the stop with adequate energy for lighting and circulation of the water. As far as the water overflow is concerned, a water pump placed under sea level circulates water into vertical tubes, fill a water tank of 650lt capacity along the perimeter of the platform and allow it to flow along the edges of the stop. Filters also placed at sea level clean the water from parasites.

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