Incrediblue Offices vol.2


Project: Incrediblue offices renovation.

Design and construction.

Location: Syntagma square, Athens.


Incrediblue is a web platform occupied with boat hiring. The project concerns the renovation of a space, in the historic center of Athens, near Syntagma Square that would accommodate the offices of the firm. The design’s main objective has been the creation of a pleasant and functional workplace that accords with the spirit of the people working in it. A linear open plan area of 160 square meters was the site of action in order to develop a space that would promote collaboration within a spatially flowing entity though functionally divided according to special requirements.


The space consists of a single, open plan space, hosts four separate functional working groups (developers, customer service, marketing and executives) and is divided into six sub-entities placed one next to another along an axis given to movement. At the two ends of the linear space, are the more private and quiet groups· the executives’ and developers’ offices and enclosed behind glass walls. Thus, the employees are accommodated with the privacy and quietness needed without sacrificing visual contact and communication with the rest of the space. Among the zones mentioned above, employees of marketing and customer support are hosted in island formed offices. Both these departments hold their own areas but at the same time communicate and actually share the greater space.
Given the fact that the daily schedule of the company includes a break for lunch and many meetings between different departments, extra caution was paid to the design of a common space where people could gather and debate on issues concerning the company. In the heart of the space, is the lounge area located, differentiated by color and appointed to employees from all departments so as to

meet, chill and discuss. Extending from there one can find the kitchenette and dining area which retain the same color differentiation.


The palette of materials, colors and textures that dominate the area create a pleasant working environment perfectly suited to both synthetic principles, set as targets from the outset, and functional / aesthetic requirements of the company.

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