Design and construction UALA office space


Project: FunkMartini / UALA office renovation.
Design and construction.
Location: Kifisia, Athens, Greece.
Area: 350 s.m


Photography: Kleanthis Dimitris


The space under study (total area 350 sq.m.) is located in a typical office building on Kifissias Avenue in the area of ​​Kifissia. The main issue was the redefinition of both the functional structure and the aesthetic upgrade of the spaces.


In terms of functionality, the spatial organization of uses is redefined – in order to serve the character of the new company – by unifying the workplaces and creating the necessary closed meeting spaces. The elongated floor plan of the space was a guide for the further design of the space. The windows that grow on three of the four sides of the contour allowed the functions to be developed sequentially – in zones – offering natural light throughout the space. In the first zone are placed the waiting / relaxation area and the small meeting room. Behind glass partitions, the meeting room hosts gatherings of small groups, daily updates, while at the same time it functions as a meeting place with external partners. A low partition lined with sound-absorbing material delimits the user’s passage to the second zone – work area – which is developed in free plan and is the main space of the office. Work islands are developed according to the needs of each group, which are located nearby in order to cooperate and communicate easily during the day. The work area is followed by another relaxation area and the small dining room (Third zone). While in the background you could find the large meeting room and the office of the company’s ceo (fourth zone).


The primary goal during the design was to create spaces with high aesthetics and quality that increase productivity and improve the user’s stay in them. Particular emphasis was placed on materials, lighting and furniture selection. Natural plants, earthy colors, comfortable seats and low worktops make up the lounge area that functions as a relaxation area during the day. In the workplace, neutral colors, furniture in simple geometries and sound-absorbing dividers allow employees to focus on their work while in meeting rooms bright colors develop on vertical and horizontal surfaces and act as guides of creativity. The crystal partitions are lined with perforated, colored stickers, while three-dimensional letters and neon lamps give the character of the company and decorate the space. The course in the space is defined by vinyl stickers on the floor that function both as a signage and as boundaries of each space. Last but not least the lighting of the space is divided into zones and intensities. In full operation, it serves the good operation of the whole space, while with the selection of the zones, the floor and the neo wall lamps, the required atmosphere is created in the afternoon.

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