Project: ECG office design
Construction: LT Group
Location: Ilisia, Athens, Greece.
Area: 1200 s.m


Photography: Kleanthis Dimitris


The area under study (total area 1200 sq.m.) is located in a typical office building, near Michalakopoulou Street in the area of ​​Ilisia.


The main request of the client was the complete reformation of the functional structure, as well as the aesthetic upgrading of the environment with the aim of re-designing a set capable of stimulating cooperation and meeting the company’s manpower needs in the coming years.

In this direction, the spatial organization of the uses was redefined – with the aim of serving the new character of the offices. The necessary sizes in each unit (areas of movement, work, meetings, auxiliary spaces, etc.), unification of uses based on the character of the company and optimal exploitation of the spaces offered were the basic design lines.  On the first floor, the visitor is welcomed in the reception and waiting area, where a  big meeting room is offered for meetings with external co-workers. A clean route introduces the employees to the space, passing through the open work area (open plan floor plan) and leads them to the closed areas of the executives, the central meeting area as well as the dining and storage areas.


Open space offices offer greater interaction, exchange of ideas and opinions, resulting in the promotion of collaboration and innovation and the creation of coworking opportunities.

In the private offices separated by glass and in the meeting rooms, there is no possibility of further separation (blinds or curtains), thus enhancing transparency and immediacy and following the company’s logic that no meeting takes place behind closed curtains.


One floor above are the office of the CEO, which borders the large meeting room, as well as the office of the president of the company.


Aiming at the aesthetic and quality upgrade of the work environment and the creation of a pleasant set that improves the user’s stay, cultivates a climate of euphoria and increases productivity, special emphasis was placed on materiality, lighting and furniture.


In the reception and work area, furniture in simple lines, vinyl floors in natural oak effect and green elements compose images of tranquility. Decorative elements – such as light dividers (wooden blinds), self-adhesive displays, floor planters with low planting – work ambiguously and create a beautiful atmosphere, project the corporate identity, subdivide the uses and offer the necessary sound absorption. Perimeter cabinets as well as personal lockers function as storage points, significantly reducing the visual nuisance on work surfaces.

The closed management spaces are lined with decorative elements on the vertical surfaces (wooden slats) and equipped with conference desks for daily meetings. Semi or fully transparent glass dividers are placed according to the requirements of each member for isolation and privacy.


In the assembly areas, the intensity rises with the appearance of colors on the floors. Vibrant red and blue colors develop on the carpets, giving the corresponding names to the blue and red meeting room. In the relaxation area an elongated bench in front of the fully equipped kitchen allows workers to have lunch and chat on their breaks. Opposite it, a green wall is intended to calm and relax those attending the space during their stay in it.


The lighting, sometimes indirect and atmospheric (hidden linear) sometimes direct (ceiling pl), marks the space by giving it an identity and allows the user to create the desired atmosphere at any time.

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