Sentio Solutions Feel office


Project: Sentio Solutions – Feel wristband offices

Design and construction

Location: Katechaki, Athens, Greece

Area: 250 s.m


Photography: Kleanthis Dimitris


The study concerns the design of the new offices of Sentio Feel in an area of ​​250 square meters.


The proposal’s main goal is the creation of a space adjacent to the needs of the customer, a startup company, whose main feature is cooperation and interplay among employees. In order to facilitate communication between company’s various teams and multiple groups, the concept of open plan has prevailed.


When entering the space, one meets waiting and reception areas. Following, we have the development of the main workspace, in a way that promotes dialogue and collaboration, while to the back, we have the team of technicians, away from the rest of the groups, with large rafts and workbenches.

Αt the ends of the space, we have placed uses that require privacy and quietness, such as meeting rooms, kitchen and dining area and two booths. Meeting rooms are enclosed within glass panels, promote absolute transparency and host everyday meetings. Dining area serves as a relaxation space so employees can enjoy their meal and two fully closed, soundproof booths are offered for teleconferencing.


The design’s primary goal is the creation of a space with high aesthetics and exceptional quality that improve everyday conditions for the employees and the pleasant stay of the visitors.

In the reception area the appropriate colors and the logo of the company stand up to remind the visitor where he is.

Lightweight, perforated partitions inserted at the workplace, subdivide the separate groups (developers, customers service, etc.) and  at the same time keep the space unified. These structures are enriched with ivy and other plants to create a quality microclimate. In the same sense a vertical green wall occupies a whole wall in the dining area. At last but not least, a perforated felt construction interposed between the waiting and work area serves as a visual and audible limit. At the same time, it functions as an iconic structure that, combined with the green vertical wall and the corporate colors, betray all the liveliness and freshness, concepts similar to the philosophy and principles of such a company.


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