Office space renovation


Project: Voltalia Greece office renovation.
Design and construction.
Location: Phychiko, Athens, Greece.
Area: 700 s.m


Photogaphy: Kleanthis Dimitris


The space under study (with a total area of ​​700 sq.m.) is located in a typical office building on Kifisias Avenue in the Psychiko area. The main request of the project was the redesign of the space so as to improve the working environment and increase the employees capacity.


The aim of the design was the creation of an open plan floor plan, which corresponds to both qualitative and “quantitative” needs of the company, promotes communication and strengthens cooperation between team members. In addition to that, collaborative areas – booths, meeting rooms – and the necessary closed spaces – executive offices – are located in the space, balance creatively between team needs and individual’s needs for cooperation and privacy. Finally, multipurpose rooms – kitchenette, relaxation space, to do space – complement the space and improve the user’s conditions during his working day.


When entering, the visitor encounters the fresh reception space and waiting area where he is informed about the company’s actions, goals and vision through a projection screen. The open space is developed with working stations where various work groups are delineated. Sound-absorbing partitions and natural planting divide groups and provide the user with a welcoming and pleasant workplace.

Phone booths are placed in each department, provide users with privacy and hold remote meetings in complete silence without disturbing their colleagues. Large and smaller meeting rooms, presentation, relaxation spaces and the silent room offer flexibility and allow employees to have bigger and smaller group meetings depending on the occasion. Finally, a multi-space (to do, to meet, to mingle space) was created in order to host events, company meetings or even yoga classes during the day.



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